Nawayef Homes

Hudayriyat Island

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Nawayef Homes by Modon Properties is a luxury residential development on Hudayriyat Island in Abu Dhabi, offering a range of premium villas and mansions across three distinct neighborhoods - Nawayef Mansions with exclusive 6 to 8 bedroom mansions, Nawayef Heights featuring large villas, and Nawayef Homes comprising medium-sized 3 to 5 bedroom villas, all with stunning views of the Abu Dhabi skyline and Arabian Gulf, as part of Modon's vision to create an elevated, freehold community with world-class amenities, sports facilities, and extensive cycling tracks.

Features And Finishes:

Nawayef Homes offers residents a luxurious and elevated living experience with a range of premium amenities:

Clubhouse and Leisure Facilities

  • State-of-the-art clubhouse with cutting-edge fitness center, spa, and swimming pool
  • Providing residents with top-tier leisure and wellness options

Outdoor Amenities

  • Direct access to beachfront facilities and pedestrian paths for leisurely strolls
  • Playgrounds for children within the community
  • Extensive network of cycling tracks and off-road bike trails

Community Offerings

  • Mosque on-site catering to residents' religious needs
  • Retail outlets, cafes, and restaurants within the development
  • Marina offering water-based activities and boat docking

Home Features

  • Villas ranging from 3 to 5 bedrooms, with sizes from 344 to 436 square meters
  • Elevated positioning providing panoramic views of the Abu Dhabi skyline and Arabian Gulf
  • Meticulous design and attention to detail, creating a sense of privacy and tranquility

Location and Connectivity

  • Situated on the prestigious Hudayriyat Island, just minutes from the heart of Abu Dhabi
  • Close proximity to world-class sports facilities, parks, and leisure amenities
  • Convenient access to the city's major roads and highways

Overall, Nawayef Homes by Modon aims to offer residents an unparalleled island living experience, with a comprehensive suite of premium amenities and features set against the backdrop of stunning views and a serene natural environment.